Message From CEO – Digital & Social Media Signals: What You Know & See Can Save a Life

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what if you could prevent someone from making a decision that would tragically change their life and your community?

What we do

Social Sentinel protects people where they learn, work and gather with help from data scientists, linguists, scalable technology and an AI-powered Language Engine built to search for digital signals threatening your community.

Threat Detection

We keep you ahead of potentially dangerous situations by scanning digital signals indicating safety and security threats to your community.

Modern Language Decryption

We research and incorporate constantly changing sociolinguistics, regional dialects, trending words and phrases into our Language Engine.

image recognition

We scan images, videos and screenshots and perform contextual analysis to uncover potential safety and security threats to oneself or others.


Modern communication has gone digital . . . Nearly half of the world uses social media and email to communicate with each other on a daily basis. And when those conversations turn threatening, there are nearly always early indications leaked before hurting oneself or others.


In 2019, almost 1 million people started using social media every day, resulting in a total of 3.5 billion social media users, or 45% of the world’s population.


There are 3.9 billion active email users in the world. Emails sent and received per day was roughly 293 billion in 2019, and is expected to grow to 347 billion by 2023.


Nearly all mass attacks were leaked by attackers and more than 75% elicited concern from others prior to the attack, according to studies by the Secret Service.

technology backed by humans

Why is Social Sentinel different?

Social Sentinel is a safety, technology and linguistics company, backed by a team of mission-driven humans. We are focused purely on scanning digital content for safety and security threats.

Our artificial intelligence is designed to find “leakage” (the intent to do harm) in near real-time across billions of public conversations. And our team of experts are always focused on improving our solution.

We provide award-winning customer support and a simple, intuitive interface.

a platform designed to discover incidents before they happen

One simple, intuitive application
Get a pulse on digital signals that may impact your community’s safety. View alerts and trending discussions occurring on public social media, sanctioned email, productivity tools and anonymous tip lines all in a simple, intuitive platform.
Custom Alerts and Notifications
Receive Alerts as emails, SMS, or in-app direct messaging. Only receive notifications while you’re on the clock. Get notified on alerts from safety and security topics, or choose to only focus on a few. The system is designed to fit into your current safety strategies as seamlessly as possible.
Seamless Team Collaboration
Take Quick Action. Using a clean, action-oriented interface, easily process escalating signals coming in from your community. Then, take quick action by escalating to members on your team via email, SMS or in-app. 
Reports and Insights
View reports that show how hard we’re working for you. Review simple reports to understand how hard the system is working, and how engaged your team is with it.

Gain insights into trending safety and security discussions within your community.

Share reports with decision-makers for a quick overview of how much the system is scanning so that your team doesn’t have to.

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Social Sentinel scans billions of digital conversations in near real-time and delivers only those threatening your community.

Interested in preventing rather than reacting? Contact us

Talk to our team today to learn how Social Sentinel can complement your venue, organization or school in building a more preventative safety and security strategy. 

Social Sentinel provides a proactive safety and security strategy as told through the digital conversations occurring in and around your organization, venue or school.

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