Message From CEO – Digital & Social Media Signals: What You Know & See Can Save a Life

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About US

Where it all began

In the early days of social media, former University of Vermont Chief of Police, Dr. Gary Margolis, learned of safety concerns posted online. Given the volume of information shared so publicly, he realized there was a lot to be learned from these sources for the safety and security of the community.

Gary Margolis founded Social Sentinel with a simple mission: every child deserves a safe place to learn.

Since our founding, we have discovered our services stretch far beyond children. There is an entire world that deserves a safe place to learn, work and gather.

Our guiding principles

Our principles represent what is most important to us. They are reflected in our brand dimensions and influence our actions from product development to customer support.

Everyone is a Leader

People are our greatest asset. We set vision, inspire action and empower everyone to innovate.

Believe in Unrealistic Goals

We take pride in our craft and we never stop learning. Our standards are high and we push for principles before outcomes.

Take Action

Details matter. We thrive in the weeds, but exercise decisive judgment with a bias toward action.

Social Sentinel scans billions of digital conversations in near real-time. 

a team of experts

We have assembled a team of technologists, data scientists, linguists, security specialists, and super smart, good humans ready to deliver on our mission.

Interested in preventing rather than reacting? Contact us

Talk to our team today to learn how Social Sentinel can complement your venue, organization or school in building a more preventative safety and security strategy. 

Social Sentinel provides a proactive safety and security strategy as told through the digital conversations occurring in and around your organization, venue or school.

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