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To Our Social Sentinel Community

In light of the immediate challenges you’re facing right now, we want to highlight how Social Sentinel is supporting you.

3/31/20 Update

As many of you transition from in-person classes to online learning, we cannot imagine the challenges you’re facing. In addition to scanning public social media and school-sanctioned email, we have been enhancing other key tools to help you identify students (and affiliates) in need.

Integration with Google Hangouts Chat

 Chat is fast becoming a standard communication tool for virtual classrooms, and our ability to identify harm and mental health concerns here is useful.

Integration with Google Docs

A common practice among many students today is to use Google Docs as a chat tool, or as a means for expressing one’s cries for help. Our language engine searches for concerning content and interactions within these docs.

Anonymous Reporting Through Chrome Extensions and Your School Website

Shareit™, our community reporting tool (anonymous, by choice), makes it easy for your community to voice issues of concern as well as praise. All student devices can be configured with the Shareit Chrome extension and the Shareit widget can be added to your district website.

If you’re interested in any or all of these features, simply click on the green chat icon on the corner of this screen to get the process moving. Setup takes less than 20 minutes.

3/26/20 Update

US Student Sentiment – Our platform now tracks overall national student mental health. Based upon students’ public social media posts, we can understand if the general US student population is feeling happy, fearful, angry or harmful. Not surprising, COVID-19 has caused a drop in US student happiness, while fear appears to be skyrocketing. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like access to this daily graph.

3/20/20 Update

COVID-19 related language – We have added COVID-19 related language syntaxes to all of our client accounts. This will allow clients to see trending topics and alerts specific to your community and COVID-19.


Emotional Wellness Alerts – We have the ability to contextually understand emotional wellness through linguistic analysis. As digital conversations grow exponentially, early warning signs of those struggling in your community will be sent directly to you.


Discussions & Trending Topics, including Notifications – Glean insights into conversations happening on social media about safety and security topics directly related to your community. Notifications will be sent via email and SMS. Check it out in the app here.


Customer Support – Our team is prepared to respond to your account needs during these unprecedented times. Reach us by email, phone (800) 628-0158 or chat (click on the chat icon on the bottom right corner of this screen).


Additional Accounts & Training – During this transition, additional members of your community may benefit from their own direct access to the insights gleaned through our platform. We will create additional accounts for you, and offer related training. Of course, all of this is included in your service agreement at no additional cost.

We will continue to build updates to our solution and post them on this page.