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Facebook’s Business Manager: An Overview

Facebook Business Manager Overview

Recently, Social Sentinel revamped its Facebook integration to help clients better understand the content shared on their public Pages. The connection point through which Social Sentinel meets your school’s page(s) is Facebook’s Business Manager tool. The following post gives you background on the tool, where to go for help setting it up, and how to handle any unofficial Pages that may have been created for your school. 

Backup. What’s a Facebook ‘Page’?
A Facebook Page(s) is the public-facing profile created specifically for a business, or in our clients’ case, a school. A Facebook Page is visible to everyone with or without a Facebook account.

What is Facebook Business Manager?
The Facebook Business Manager tool helps you securely manage and organize your school’s Facebook Page and Instagram business account through a single console. Users can also tend to their Facebook advertising needs, review analytics, and more.

Why set up your Facebook Business Manager account?
One word: convenience. You may discover your school has multiple affiliated Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts owned by different individuals. Remembering all the various login credentials or who handles the content for each is an administrative headache. Facebook’s Business Manager provides an element of control over those assets by providing a central location to maintain them. Beyond the convenience factor, you gain:

  • Access to all of your accounts with just a few clicks
  • A simple method to associate employees (or agencies) with your accounts
  • Tools to adjust user permission levels
  • Oversight of your Facebook Pages content

Ready to get started?‍
Hubspot assembled a fantastic walkthrough of the setup process. It’s filled with great background on the tool and easy-to-follow instructions.

The primary administrator of your Business Manager account should possess a firm grasp of your school’s social media environment and goals, and may already be responsible for your online presence. As examples, schools have been known to assign their primary admin role to a: Superintendent, Public Relations Coordinator, Social Media Strategist, Communications Director, or Director IT.

Manage Your Unofficial Facebook Pages.
While gathering your Facebook assets, you may encounter so-called Unofficial Pages. These serve as placeholders for businesses without a current Facebook presence and give users a way to interact (check-in, review, comment, etc.). Such Pages go unmanaged until they are claimed, merged or removed. This handy guide explains more.

Managing multiple Facebook assets is quick and easy thanks to the administrative control found in the Business Manager tool. Streamlining your social media presence is going to offer you greater efficiencies and more control over content.