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The Social Sentinel Difference

Going Beyond the Geofence

The Social Sentinel service is the only social media threat alert service developed for school safety and security teams that combines three powerful methods to identify targeted, localized threats shared publicly on social media.

Ssi Diff Library

Leverage our school Threat Library

Developed by security experts, the Sentinel Search™ Library contains a recommended list of preloaded, refined, safety focused searches so that your team is ready to receive alerts immediately.

Ssi Diff Local K12

Add Local Knowledge

Not all threats are posted from inside a geofence! Our Local+™ algorithm allows you to create lists unique to your local needs and issues and combine those lists with the appropriate refined keywords from the Sentinel Search Library to create targeted searches that can be run both inside and outside your geofences.

Ssi Diff Oversight

Optimize Oversite and Resource Management

Define what staff can and can’t do within the service and assign alert topics to specific users through our Roles and Permissions tool.

Geofence Hed

Geofences are great - but are they enough?

Understanding the safety and security climate within the confines of your geofence is a benefit. Security teams are better prepared to address day-to-day operations when they incorporate the insight gleaned from regular geofence auditing. But a complete social threat alert program needs to go beyond the geofence.

Let Us Help You Put Social Media to Work

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With the Social Sentinel service, you will access alerts in near real-time, analyze those alerts in context, and assign them for follow up in a streamlined and efficient manner.

  • Identify and evaluate the severity of a threat against a person, a group of people, or a school
  • Better understand the trends and triggers around bullying, self-directed harm, and suicidal threats so that your team can work with your community to address the issue
  • Coordinate police presence to maintain order when alerted that the language of harm indicates potential for violence on campus
  • Assess alerts and assign to team members for further analysis and action–via SMS or email
  • Receive alerts to dangerous activity at live sporting events and school sponsored social events

See It in Action!

Use Cases

Reach out and schedule a demonstration to review:

  • How the Social Sentinel service is used to identify threats shared via social media to mitigate threats of harm and self-harm, reduce crime, and bring actionable intelligence to evolving situations;
  • Where our service can help your team operate more efficiently and effectively; and
  • What a threat alert looks like and how our threat alert service operates versus reviewing social media by hand or using the standard social media monitoring services currently available.

We're ready to help you create a safer community.

Social Sentinel alerts you to threats shared publicly on social media and blogs.

The growth of the social media threat alert industry is dependent on three factors: quality information, efficient process management, and an affordable service offering. As safety and security veterans who have been in the field, we know the key issues that you face and we work very hard to ensure that we check all the boxes that matter — to you!

Unlimited Users

Sharing is caring. Our flat pricing model allows you to give the right access to the right users in your organization. Why force one member of your staff to do everyone's work

Reporting & Analytics

Access any number of preset reports or build your own. We know that you need to visualize who is using the system, whether they are following procedures, and how the service is working.

Sentinel Search Library

Are you staring at a blank screen trying to decide what to look for? Administered by safety and security experts, our library gets you up-and-running immediately.

Any Device

Log in to the Social Sentinel service from your computer, tablet, or phone. You'll never know where you'll be when a security event occurs!

Unlimited Data

If you use the service, then you know there's value. It’s our job to make the economics work. We don’t want you guessing whether you will have overages or higher rates next year.

One-Click Translation

Translate into English from hundreds of languages. Oh, and you've never seen that acronym before? No problem, hover over it and it will make sense.

User Roles & Permissions

Have one team who needs to see a completely different set of alert types than the other? No problem. Think that a user isn't quite ready for the advanced set of features? You are in control — right down to the user!

All Access Support

We take great pride in employing industry-specific client representitives who are available when you need them. And training (and retraining) are included in your flat rate.

Go Beyond the Geo-Fence

Our RMap™ algorithms compliment unlimited geofences and your Local+ data to deliver locally relevant alerts.

User-Controlled Filter Creation

Add your team’s local knowledge and expertise – in advance or on-the-fly.