Google Hangouts Chat

are you doing all you can to stay connected?

“I want to kill myself”

“I’m worried about what my mom is going to do to me.”

“I’m going to hurt you.”

“My dad is acting weird and I think he is going to hurt my little sister.”

The alerts above are samples of alerts we receive on a daily basis, indicating potential harm to self, harm to others, and wellness concerns as whole. Hangouts Chat, now offered within our platform, has proven to be a highly valuable leading indicator of student wellness.

Chat is a popular form of communication with students and has highly accurate association data. With its high volume of use we are able to do deeper analysis that yields valuable insights around distress and emerging patterns.

How Does it Work?
Just like our other G Suite integrations, a short setup call is all that is needed to integrate your Hangouts Chat. Once that happens our Language Engine will scan Hangouts Chats and when concerning language is matched our platform will display it as a discussion or an alert.

Simple. Smart. Easy.