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Social Sentinel gives you unmatched safety awareness about your educational community from public social media --without adding more work for you, or your team.

How it Works.

Scan billions of post and data
points every day.
Match only the handful related to
your community’s safety.
Stay alert in near real-time.
Be informed through analytics,
trends, and discussion insights.

No one has time to scan 1,000,000,000 digital conversations per day.

Social Sentinel churns through billions (yes, BILLIONS) of public social media posts with a single focus: identifying safety and security-
related content about your community.

Relevant matches lead to relevant alerts.

Social Sentinel developed a series of proprietary techniques that improve our ability to associate posts beyond those that are obvious—both from within geofences and beyond.

Before it generates an alert, a potentially concerning post’s content must:

> Relate to your community by mentioning location or keyword details you specify.

> Contain threatening language found in our constantly updated Sentinel Search™ Library.

Near real-time notifications.

Everything you need to take action (if necessary) is accessible from the alert you receive. Delivered as a text message, a single tap connects you to an analysis of the concerning post, the ability to see it in context, collaborate with teams, and more.

Awareness beyond alerts.

View account analytics, identify trends, and review posts that relate to you but don’t trigger alerts. Social Sentinel makes it easy to understand the safety and security landscape of your community.

We're Here for You.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Onboarding Specialists, Account Optimizers, and Account Managers help you get the most protection from your Social Sentinel account.

"Social media threat alert services that are culturally appropriate and context-specific have the power to prevent threats online from becoming real-world violent events."

Desmond U. Patton, PhD, MSW

Associate Professor / Columbia University School of Social Work Fellow
Berkman KleinCenter / Harvard University

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