Message From CEO – Digital & Social Media Signals: What You Know & See Can Save a Life

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The Social Sentinel solution is designed to identify signals of potential harm found in billions of digital conversations each day.

Our proprietary, AI-based Language Engine and operational practices take an ethical approach in decoding the intention and meaning of modern language so that we can alert you only when you need to be.

Modern Language

Digital expression continues to evolve, and conversations now combine words and symbols to express thoughts in entirely new ways.

Digital Discrimination

Avoidance of cognitive bias in machine learning models.

Threat Detection

The identification of signals of potential harm found in billions of digital conversations each day.

A solution rooted in Ethics and an Individual’s right to privacy

We take an Ethical Approach

Our solution scans content. We do not monitor. We do not surveil. We do not perpetuate biases.

We take pride in the fact that our solution avoids bias and adheres to privacy laws using the following guidelines: 

Lawful: Strictly adheres to all applicable laws, such as CCPA and social media platform agreements, including protecting privacy even at the cost of model accuracy.

Ethical: Aims to protect vulnerable people of different ages, social groups, and demographic areas.

Robust: Informed by sociolinguistic analyses and constant research and maintenance in order to include the most unbiased language, which accounts for various US dialects and vernaculars, as well as updated slang terminology.

Discover Intelligence Signals to Prevent

Your Next Threat

What is an “Intelligence Signal?

A signal is an indicator of increasing or accelerating risk of violence or harm. In the Social Sentinel platform, a signal can be an alert, discussion, or trend.

Recognizing “Leakage” as a type of warning behavior

Disrupt the Pathway to Violence by Identifying Leakage

Leakage is a type of warning behavior that may signal the research, planning, and implementation of an act of violence or harm. 

The Intention and Meaning of Language

Decoding the Intention and Meaning of Language in Real-Time

Billions of digital conversations scanned and classified in real-time with Social Sentinel’s AI-based Language Engine.

Our proprietary AI-based Language Engine

How does our AI-based Language Engine work?

Threat Language Syntaxes, Contextual Understanding and Classification fuel our Language Engine.

Built to process billions of digital conversations

Built to process billions of digital conversations in Real-Time

Built on logic and industry expertise that addresses the complex language problem of intent, severity, slang.

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Talk to our team today to learn how Social Sentinel can complement your venue, organization or school in building a more preventative safety and security strategy. 

Social Sentinel provides a proactive safety and security strategy as told through the digital conversations occurring in and around your organization, venue or school.

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