Hear Gary Margolis on VCET’s Start Here Podcast

June 14, 2019

When VCET asked us to participate in their wildly successful podcast series, Start Here, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. The Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies is the go-to resource for entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business owners to bring their companies to the next level. Whether it’s getting an idea off the ground, needing a workspace, seeking mentorship or advice on business strategy, or raising capital to scale the business, VCET provides access to the people, places, and capital needed. Plus, their office is ultra-cool, so any excuse to go there is a good one!

Social Sentinel sat down with VCET’s president, David Bradbury, and director of Innovation, Sam Roach-Gerber, for a chat about all things student safety and start-up related.

Take a listen to the conversation, full of entertainment and information, and find out what Gary misses most in Vermont. More importantly, find out more about why the men and women who are Social Sentinel work so hard for the safety of our nation’s students and schools.

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