Social Sentinel Adds Integration with Gmail, Image Recognition and an Anonymous Sharing Platform to its Suite of Products [Press Release]

March 28, 2019

Burlington, VT (March 28, 2019) – Social Sentinel today introduced the education industry’s most comprehensive, proactive approach to keeping students safe and preventing school violence. Social Sentinel, which pioneered the technology that scans public social media posts for signals of harm, has expanded to include email scanning for Gmail, image recognition and processing, and an anonymous sharing platform to voice concerns. The company’s solutions are designed to help school administrators pay attention to the myriad of important safety-related conversations happening online in their community, without straining staffing and budget resources, and to help them use these insights to promote overall social-emotional wellness and security.

Social Sentinel’s social media scanning software sifts through upwards of one billion data points daily for threats of harm across multiple, complex platforms. When there is a match between a publicly accessible post containing language of harm and a client, Social Sentinel delivers an alert in real time, affording schools the opportunity to intervene and avert a problem.

Data-Driven Insights on Social-Emotional Wellness, Enriched Scanning Capabilities Put School Administrators in the Center of Safety and Violence Prevention

“Every student and member of an educational community deserves a safe place to learn, teach and work. Providing a safe educational environment is even more challenging in the digital age, where so much harm is foreshadowed. Doing so requires proactive strategies that save valuable time and resources,” says Dr. Gary Margolis, founder and CEO of Social Sentinel. “Our students are crying out for help, and we help you hear them.”

Social Sentinel’s platform of products are powered by AI and operate safely with respect to privacy. They are backed by subject matter experts in linguistics, data science, engineering, public safety and academia.  

More information on Social Sentinel’s newly enriched platform of products can be found here.

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