Students Teaching Students About Oversharing & Their Digital Footprint

May 24, 2019

When it comes to posting content online, today’s youth are more of the mindset where ‘anything goes’. For most of us in adulthood and with kids, it can be hard to impart wisdom and the real and potential consequences of over-sharing. But, where adults get stonewalled on this subject is where peers can break through.  

For students growing up in the digital age, some may perceive oversharing as a norm--perhaps even an expectation--based on the posts of peers or outside influencers they follow.

Enter Common Sense, an independent nonprofit organization that helps kids thrive in the digital world. They frequently add to their Teen Voices video series focused on improving digital citizenship from a familiar perspective: fellow students. The one shared below gives students a solid understanding of what oversharing is, the longevity of online posts, and guidance for curating a positive social media footprint.

As you begin thinking of ways to educate your students about improving their digital citizenship in the next school year, consider adding this insightful series to your curriculum.

If you’re looking to add some laughs to the discussions about oversharing, Common Sense also teamed up with Flocabulary to explain 10 things to consider when posting online through song.

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