Stay connected to your students as we all transition to a new norm of digital learning 

How Does it Work?

Our solution is designed to offer a deep understanding of human connection.

  • We scan a variety of public social media platforms for safety and security signs impacting your students.
  • Our AI-based Language Engine uses linguistic analysis to understand word form, sentence structure, word meaning, contextual meaning and sociolinguistic variation.
  • We have nearly a dozen AI-models built and rigorously validated by analytical linguists and data scientists on a daily basis to ensure we are current with how modern language is used differently across all social media platforms, including unique language such as abbreviations, emojis, images, and videos.
  • We connect content posted by a student with your school using a variety of proprietary methods, outside of the geofence.
  • We categorize concerning content based upon harm indicators and deliver them as threats or discussions into our platform.
  • Real-time Student Sentiment trends from the nation will be displayed in an interactive chart to provide a pulse on how our youth are feeling.
  • Student Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We scan content and language, not people.

Setup takes less than 20 minutes. Let us help you stay connected. 

Technology Powered and Supported by Humans

Social Sentinel provides a proactive safety and security strategy as told through the digital conversations occurring in and around your organization, venue or school.

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