Stay connected to your students 

Our solution is designed to offer a deep understanding of human connection

As many of you transition from in-person classes to online learning, staying connected to students will be more important than ever before.  

Social Sentinel is ready to support your needs…


We specialize in scanning digital content from a variety of data sources, looking for early signs of violence, suicide, bullying, depression, anxiety, self-harm, or students in crisis.

We use a proprietary AI-based models, rooted in science and linguistic analytics to understand word form, sentence structure, word meaning, contextual meaning and sociolinguistic variation.

We integrate with public social media, school-sanctioned GSuite, MS Outlook, and proprietary software.

Our technology is backed by experts and supported by award-winning customer support.

Setup takes less than 20 minutes.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay connected to and continue to support your students as we transition to online learning.

Technology Powered and Supported by Humans

Social Sentinel provides a proactive safety and security strategy as told through the digital conversations occurring in and around your organization, venue or school.

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