Having a mechanism for students to safely and anonymously report concerns is a must-have. They provide a direct line into what’s truly influencing the social and emotional climate of their schools so you can reach out to students in need. With Shareit, Social Sentinel gives students a safe, anonymous platform to raise their voice on issues and concerns that they may not feel comfortable reporting publicly.

Shareit Highlights

Empower students to speak up.

Create a non-threatening, anonymous, easy-to-use method for speaking out about safety and security-related concerns.

Highlighting the good.

Within the product, students also have the ability to report
positive things that are happening at school.

Promote student body health & well-being.

Use insights from Shareit to design wellness programs and
school-wide challenges to address at-risk behaviors.

Provide continuity in reporting.

Establish procedures and guidelines for verifying reported
incidents based on the product’s discoveries.

Empower Your Students to Speak Up.

Today’s students face challenges far beyond those in the classroom. On the heels of catastrophic events that occur in school environments, we learn other students may have known something was going to happen or heard a rumor but were afraid to report the issue. Give them an easy, accessible channel to keep you informed.

Notable Numbers

More than 50% of bullying events are never reported.
(Source: Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories)

In 81% of violent incidents in US schools someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but failed to report it.
(Source: U.S Secret Service & U.S. Dept. of Education)

In 59% of the incidents, more than one person had information about the attack before it occurred.
(Source: U.S Secret Service & U.S. Dept. of Education)

Supporting a
Mission of Safety.

More than a tip line, Shareit encourages the reporting of both positive and concerning information while furthering our mission to overcome school safety and wellness challenges.

Technology Focused on Educational Safety.

Our DNA is rooted, exclusively, in solving school safety and wellness challenges. Social media scanning contributes to a multi-layered and comprehensive safety and security program. And you don’t have to do it alone. Dedicated, hands-on service ensures our your account is configured to deliver the best results possible.

"Social media threat alert services that are culturally appropriate and context-specific have the power to prevent threats online from becoming real-world violent events."

Desmond U. Patton, PhD, MSW

Associate Professor / Columbia University School of Social Work Fellow
Berkman KleinCenter / Harvard University

Safer Together.

When combined with other Social Sentinel products, Shareit gives you a holistic view of your schools’ climate. Click a product below to learn more about it.

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