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Social Sentinel’s Year End Look at the Impact of Technology and School Safety

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Burlington, VT (January 16, 2019) – Social Sentinel is helping schools, universities and colleges across the country identify potential threats to safety made online and hear cries for help before tragedy strikes. A year-end look at the company’s 2018 results and major milestones show significant growth and momentum, reflecting the education industry’s desire to enhance its safety and security strategies with more proactive, cost-effective solutions that focus on prevention through awareness.

Social Sentinel’s solution allows the education industry to look for threats online in ways that are otherwise humanly impossible. Driven by a team that includes experts in school safety, security, engineering, education, data science, and linguistics, Social Sentinel’s technology scans upwards of 1 billion data points daily for threats of harm (known as “leakage”) across dozens of complex platforms.

Last year marked a critical growth stage for Social Sentinel as it invested in a suite of services and talent to deliver even more powerful solutions that work to protect and save lives. Some of the company’s 2018 highlights include:

  • Growing a Mission-Driven Team
    The company doubled its workforce and is expanding to a more spacious office in Burlington to accommodate the team.
  • Real-Time Timeliness
    Having reduced the time it takes to process and deliver a potential threat by 84%, the speed of delivery from post to alert is nearly instantaneous.
  • Alert Accuracy
    Social Sentinel scans tens of billions of data points each month, and its state of the art technology removes nearly 99 percent of the false positives in order to deliver relevant insights.
  • Scalability and stability
    Our investment in a new serverless platform enables seamless scalability to process more than 10x its current load, currently averaging 1 billion data points per day.
  • Revenue: 
    Annual recurring revenue increased by more than 240% from 2017-2018.
  • Increasing the Veil of Protection
    We increased our client base by threefold.
  • Safety net
    Social Sentinel serves thousands of schools in more than 35 states.
  • Results
    We helped our clients avert countless tragedies and save lives.

“Our team is driven by a unique dedication to protect our students and their schools by using technology at the most sophisticated levels while giving school administrators powerful insights that are simple to access,” says founder and CEO Dr. Gary Margolis. “Social Sentinel’s numbers point toward our growth and success, but more importantly, they show that our clients trust us to be a part of their safety strategy and that our technology is helping to prevent school shootings, violence, and other tragedies.”