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Social Sentinel's 2019 NSBA Wrap-Up

Gary Margolis speaking at NSBA 2019 conference

While Philadelphia is best known for the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and Philly cheesesteaks, this past weekend the city will best be remembered for raising the bar on and setting new standards in public education leadership. The NSBA Annual Conference & Exposition was one for the books, and Social Sentinel was there to shine a light on new solutions for school safety and security.

We brought an A-Team of top industry leaders to guide workshops and study hall sessions that stimulated powerful and insightful conversations that rippled throughout the conference. Thank you to our esteemed guests for leading the charge and inspiring us to think more critically:

  • Dr. Desmond Patton Research Fellow at Carr Center For Human Rights at Harvard University

  • Dr. Julie Roberts Executive Director of the American Dialect Society, Professor of  Linguist & Dialectologist University of Vermont

  • Dr. Marisa Randazzo Ph.D., CEO at Sigma Threat Management Associates and Director of Threat Assessment Georgetown University

  • Dr. Blaise Aguirre Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist specialized in dialectical behavior therapy at McLean Hospital

  • Gary Margolis CEO/Founder of Social Sentinel, Inc. and Former Chief of Police University of Vermont

  • Alex Tursi MPA, Communications Strategist, Researcher, and Educator of Champlain College

We were also thrilled to present the award-winning film Screenagers, with Co-Director Lisa Tabb onsite to take a post-show deep dive into how technology impacts kid's development and the challenges of parenting in the digital world.  

Last but not least the Social Sentinel Team was humbled by the chance to take the center stage at the General Session, where CEO and Founder Dr. Gary Margolis delivered a riveting address that got to the heart of what we all were there for– how to create safe environments where kids can thrive and grow.