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Viral Bulletin: Bird Box Challenge

young man being blindfolded

What is It?

A challenge based on the Netflix original film Bird Box. The film’s characters blindfold themselves to avoid seeing an evil creature and being driven crazy by it. Fans of the film have started blindfolding themselves and attempting to perform everyday tasks like navigating your home, driving, and even swinging an ax.  

What Are the Dangers?

In the film, characters are blindfolded any time the outside world is visible to them. Those attempting to recreate what they see attempt various tasks, guide children from one point to another, close window shades while blindfolded, and most dangerous of all, drive while blindfolded.

Where Is it Happening?

The Bird Box challenge has become popular in the United States and Canada after the release of the film.

Who Is Affected?

Reports say the film had the best opening for a Netflix original ever with over 45 million views in the first seven days – so awareness is widespread. Therefore, the challenge is accessible by most demographics. Young people are riding their bicycles blindfolded, Youtubers have posted 24 hour Bird Box Challenges, and some even tried driving blindfolded.