Why Social Sentinel?

Safety is a human right. Our need to be connected is a human drive. An explosive increase in digital conversations leads to some users sharing harmful intent. Our products give you proactive insight into such conversations occurring within your community. We do this with a commitment to protect our collective (and constitutional) rights to privacy, freedom of association, and freedom of speech — a commitment found in the DNA of the design and delivery of our solutions.

We Are Technologists

Innovation Powered by Caring

At the core of our solutions and team, we believe in:

The safety and wellness of educational communities don’t just happen; they are the result of acting with foresight and purpose.

Our understanding, analysis, and awareness of safety challenges must be comprehensive, holistic, and constantly evolving.

As society continues to depend on technology—and vice versa—we maintain the highest respect for the rights and privacy of everyone.

We must meet and match the evolution of those safety insights with a unique combination of vigilance and inventiveness.

Complacency has no home in our company. From our relationships with our partners to our leadership position in our industry, we never take anything for granted.

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Manage Your Schools' Digital Safety & Wellness Climate with Social Sentinel.

We're dedicated to student safety, wellness, and success, as well as the communities who support them.