Why Social Sentinel?

Since our founding, delivering solutions that improve public safety, security, and wellness has been the driving force behind Social Sentinel. In that time, we have pioneered technologies and services that continue to have a measurable and positive impact. We also have created—and lead—a revolutionary new industry while keeping in stride with a rapidly changing landscape.

As we move deeper into the 21st century, we envision a time
when communities evolve beyond fear so our collective energies can
focus on the positive. Social Sentinel intends to be a part of making that
possible, together with those who share the same values and ideals.

At the core of our solutions and team, we believe in:


The well-being and safety of communities and cultures don’t just happen, they results from thinking and acting with foresight and purpose.


Our understanding, analysis, and awareness
of safety and security challenges must be comprehensive, holistic, and constantly evolving.


As society continues to feed off of technology—and vice versa—we will maintain the highest respect for the rights and privacy of its individuals.


We must meet–and match–the evolution of
those safety and security insights with a unique combination of vigilance and inventiveness.


Complacency has no home in our company;
from our relationships with our partners to our leadership position in our industry, we will never take anything for granted.

Our Story.

In the early days of social media, former University of Vermont Chief of Police, Dr. Gary Margolis, learned of safety concerns posted online. Given the volume of information shared so publicly—even back then—he realized there was a lot to be learned from these sources for the safety and security of the community.

He knew his community wanted protection, but he also knew that they didn’t want to be monitored. Where was the middle ground?

He questioned:

• How could we fulfill our responsibility to protect and serve the community without understanding what was shared on this new medium?

• What was the liability for NOT paying attention to this information?

• How could our safety team separate the “wheat from the chaff” in searching for potential harm telegraphed on these sites?

• How could he ensure the team was respecting individual rights to privacy, freedom of speech and assembly?

A service that scans social media for threats of harm could make the process more efficient and effective than the near-impossible manual alternative. Several options were available then; most of which were used by the campus marketing, recruiting, and public affairs teams.

Gary identified two glaring roadblocks that prevented him from implementing such a solution in his department. First, those services allowed for overly broad searches. Second, they allowed for the ability to link and follow people. Each of these created problems alone, and together doubly so.

With all of this in mind, Gary founded Social Sentinel to be an automated, easy-to-use, and powerful solution that respects our privacy rights while looking for harm.

Our starting team developed a tool that went a giant step beyond traditional marketing-based social media monitoring services. Purposely built to meet the specific needs of safety and security teams, the solution also respects our rights.

With proven success in school districts, universities, and colleges across the country, Social Sentinel continues to invent new ways to protect educational communities from harm.

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